Membership in the Barre-Tones

Membership is open to any woman aged 18 or over. A one-time membership fee due with your application is sent to Harmony, Inc. and establishes your membership. You will receive a membership pin and periodic newsletter. The Barre-Tones has a small monthly dues membership fee that helps defray expenses associated with supplies, coaching, costumes, music, fees, and travel.

The Barre-Tones is a member of Harmony Incorporated (Area 2), a non-profit international organization whose purpose is to empower all women through education, friendship and a cappella singing in the barbershop style.

What is the barbershop style of a cappella singing?

Barbershop style singing consists of four-part harmony. The melody line is the LEAD part. A harmony line consistently above the lead is TENOR. A harmony line consistently below the lead is the BASS, and a harmony part that completes the four part chord- either above or below the lead line is the BARITONE. This synergy of sound, when executed well, creates expanded sound with “overtones”- a 5th note in the chord that is heard but not actually sung by anyone. Four people can sound like twenty!

Area 2 Chapters : Use this link to view other Harmony, Inc. chapters in the region.