Quartets & Small Groups

The chorus, as well as quartets and small groups are available to sing for special occasions at a modest, tax deductible fee. Any occasion is appropriate: cocktail receptions, corporate functions, birthdays, anniversaries, retirement, sporting event, holiday, or religious service.

In Cahoots! (2005-2022, retired) Susan Klein, Lisa Parro, Becky Senesac, Sue Nevins

Upscale (2014-2021, retired) Carol Hollenbeck, Trecia Hamilton, Carolynn O’Donnell, April Knight

Emergence (2016-2019, retired) Lynn McKinney, Amy Donald, Jane Watson, Mary Cerutti

In Cognito (2015-2016, retired) Cara Hill, Kathy Cowens, Amy Donald, Mary Cerutti

Stay Tuned (2010-2014, retired)

RALI Singers (Retired And Loving It!) (2010-2013, retired)

Group du Jour (2009-2014, retired)