UpScale is a women’s a capella quartet singing in the barbershop style that formed in February 2014. They are all members of The Barre-Tones women’s a capella chorus. In April 2017, they competed at an Area Competition where they came in first place! They have qualified each year to appear at the International competitions.

April Knight (Tenor)
April lives in Burlington VT. She has been immersed in music since she was little, pinging on the piano in her grandparents back room. Since then she has been singing in school choruses and playing instruments from grade school through college.  April has a very dry sense of humor and keeps the quartet laughing! She is a wiz on the computer, and helps the Barre-Tones chorus as well as UpScale stay on the cutting edge. She also enjoys sewing, cooking, making crafts, and is a creative inspiration for the quartet.

Carolynn O’Donnell (Lead)
Carolynn lives in Colchester, VT and is pursuing a second career in the food industry. She currently works at City Market in Burlington. Carolynn has sung since she was young in many choirs in the U.S. and Germany, where she grew up. She has a classical background in music and has only recently started singing barbershop and is a Barre-Tones chorus Section Leader. Even though she moved back to the U.S. many years ago, when she doesn’t understand something, she still likes to say, “I’m not from this country!” Along with singing, her other passions are cooking food from scratch and most recently growing her own food in the garden.

Carol Hollenbeck (Bass)
Carol lives in Colchester VT and is a Salesperson for Lakeside Container by day and the Barre-Tones chorus Director by night. She started singing barbershop in 1993 and is the finder of musical arrangements for the quartet. Although she has been given the title of Visionary by the quartet, she says she simply points out opportunities to be explored. She loves good food and hopes to someday be a food critic so she can save a lot of money on dining out!

Trecia Pallman-Hamilton (Baritone)
Trecia lives in Stowe, VT with her husband Scott and their two children, Paige and Aidan.  She is a very talented home cook and our resident music nerd. Trecia has a music education degree from UVM and is currently on the Music Education Committee for the Barre-Tones chorus. She is a very versatile singer, having started as Baritone then moving to Tenor, and occasionally singing Lead. Her only regret is not being able to sing Bass! She keeps everyone in UpScale on task and using good technique.

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Ninja Turtles posing at AC&C 2014Just gellin' at rehearsal